Personal Chef’s Take: A No-Fluff Caraway Cookware Review

Caraway 7-piece cookware set on stovetop

Curious about that Caraway cookware set popping up on your social feeds? Scouring the internet for the best Caraway cookware reviews?

If those stunning photos make you wonder if ceramic coated cookware is too good to be true, you’re not alone.

The unfiltered truth?

I was very skeptical that a nonstick pan could work the delicious magic like my other pans.

But as a personal chef and full-time mama to a toddler, the appeal of no sticking and easy clean-up was so strong! (Who doesn’t like the sound of easier cooking and cleanup?!)

So I decided to give them a try.

And while the Caraway cookware set scored high on aesthetics and non-stick performance, there is a small flaw in handle design and it does require a level of care that might not suit all cooking styles.

My Review “Recipe”

I’ve spent the last three months reviewing the 7-piece Caraway cookware set. And let me tell you, I have put this cookware to the test!

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This isn’t some “Test Kitchen” or “Culinary Lab” though… this is real life.

I used these pots and pans both for my business and for personal use. I cooked dinner for 20 to 30 families every single week, plus the majority of my own meals.

I personally tested this cookware by cooking a wide range of foods, from eggs to pancakes, curry, candied walnuts, breakfast potatoes, etc.

Hours and hours. Lots and lots of use. Every. Single. Day.

Okay, I think you get the point.

And to fill in any blind spots, I scoured the internet for every one of the caraway cookware reviews I could find. I studied the Caraway website, I watched YouTube videos, I read all the blogs, I even put feelers out to my personal network for their feedback if they owned a Caraway cookware set.

So, whether you’re a pro chef, a foodie enthusiast, or a mama or papa holdin’ it down in the kitchen to nourish your family, your investment in cookware is a crucial decision, and I’m here to help you make the right one for you.

Discover SB Square Small

7-piece Cookware Set

This Caraway cookware set is perfect for health-conscious, style-savvy home cooks who value eco-friendly, easy-to-clean kitchenware with a touch of elegance.

Set Includes:

  • 10.5″ Fry Pan
  • 3 quart Sauce Pan
  • 4.5 quart Sauté Pan
  • 6.5 quart Dutch Oven
  • Magnetic Pan Racks
  • Canvas Lid Holder
  • Cleaner Eraser
Placeholder SB Light Landscape
Placeholder SB Light Landscape


  • Non toxic ceramic coating
  • Aluminum core
  • Stainless steel handles
  • 12 different colors
  • Works on induction, gas, and electric stovetops.
  • Oven safe up to 550 degrees F


  • Unparalleled Cleanup Ease: The easiest and quickest cleanup experience I’ve ever had with cookware.

  • Exceptional Nonstick Cookware Performance: Delivers 100% on its nonstick promise, making cooking and serving a breeze.

  • Health-Conscious Choice: Non-toxic materials ensure you’re cooking without harmful chemicals, offering peace of mind for you and your family.

  • Ergonomic Design: Easy-to-maneuver pots and pans prevent hand fatigue during cooking and cleaning.

  • Stunning Aesthetics: Their beautiful design not only enhances your kitchen’s look but also inspires more frequent and enjoyable cooking.


  • Handle Heat: Potholders are necessary for longer cooking sessions as handles can get hot.

  • Careful Maintenance Required: Preserving their pristine condition and functionality demands mindful handling – no metal utensils and extra care during use and cleaning.

Invest in your culinary experience and add a Caraway cookware set to your kitchen today!

Looking for a specific piece to add to your existing set? Check out Caraway’s “a la carte” selection here.

Who Is Caraway Anyway?

Caraway is a forward-thinking cookware brand that marries elegance with eco-consciousness, crafting kitchen essentials that are as kind to the environment as they are to your health.

Their products, characterized by sleek designs and a commitment to non-toxic, sustainable materials, embody a modern approach to home cooking, where style, safety, and environmental responsibility go hand in hand.

So Did Caraway Keep Up in My Kitchen?

Here’s your short answer: I’m a complete skeptic turned Caraway convert.

It was a major risk switching out my tried and true pots and pans for something unfamiliar. My livelihood depends on good cooking! And there are three super important factors to good cooking:

1) The hands and heart that cook it

2) The ingredients

And, of course,

3) The tools.

Caraway cookware has hit 4.9/5 stars for me and they are now the pots and pans I most often reach for.

My stainless steel and cast iron still do and always will have a place in my kitchen for the few things that the Caraway cookware just can’t do as well, like a crispy fried egg or creating fond for sauces, but for everything else, Caraway is my new go-to.

Performance: Beyond the Nonstick Hype

Call me snooty, but I just didn’t ever really take nonstick cookware seriously.

It may have been (well, actually, it turns out it was) close-minded of me, but I couldn’t imagine anything outperforming my trusty “casty” or stainless steel.

Well, the Caraway cookware set was ready to challenge my preconceptions.

Nonstick Pans: A Revelation

I started with the basics: eggs and pancakes.

before and after photos of pancake flip in the caraway fry pan

These are the true tests for any nonstick coating, and to my surprise, the Caraway cookware handled them with ease. The quality of the ceramic nonstick coating wasn’t just good; it was exceptional.

Then I moved to some recipes that I really had to see to believe: breakfast potatoes and candied walnuts.

The potatoes got a beautiful color and crisped up just like I like them! I felt a little pang in my heart for my cast iron pans… slowly losing their place as my fav. Those potatoes never stuck. This one earned serious points.

breakfast potatoes with a beautiful golden color in the caraway saute pan

And if anything could be more likely to stick, I thought it would be super sticky candy syrup.

But Nope.

The slight residue from the candied walnuts practically dissolved off of the pan under warm running water. (Just like everything else does!)

candied walnuts cooking in the caraway saute pan

That brings me to the best part.

The cleanup. Oh. My. God. The cleanup!

I can clean these pans in less than 60 seconds. No matter what I had just cooked. I actually had my partner time me!

This has repeatedly been a lifesaver in my hectic kitchen, where I’m often managing multiple dishes at once while also being just 30 seconds away from a toddler’s call for attention – any delay, and it’s a recipe for tears.

The Magic Browning

From what I had read about nonstick pans, I was under the impression that they just didn’t brown like other pans.

Wrong. Wrong. Oh, so lucky for me, wrong!

onion masala with lots of brown bits in the caraway saute pan

Okay, this one really took me by surprise. Side by side, I cooked our signature onion masala. One batch in the Caraway saute pan, one in our carbon steel wok, and one in our stainless steel. All with the same amount of onion, started at the same time.

Not only did the Caraway pan get the onions beautiful and caramelized, with bits of brown all over the place, but it did so faster than either of my other pans! I’m talking close to half the time as compared to the wok.

onion masala in the caraway saute pan vs a carbon steel wok

Even Heat, Consistent Cooking

Even heat distribution is crucial. The Caraway set excelled here too.

Whether I was pan frying onion masala or getting our Sunday breakfast potatoes nice and crispy, the heat spread evenly across the surface, ensuring a perfect cook every time.

Durability in the Trenches

Three months of intensive use is a good test of durability. The Caraway cookware has stood up to the challenge, showing only minimal signs of wear.

Yes, there are some small marks on the bottom from my metal coil stovetop, but they’re superficial and haven’t impacted performance.

Bottom of saute pan showing some minor scuffs

Aesthetic Longevity

I’ve thrown everything at these pans, from turmeric in my Indian dishes to everyday ingredients, and they’ve resisted staining impressively.

spinach curry in the saute pan and then the pan after washing without staining

The cream color and retro style have remained as vibrant and elegant as the day I unboxed them, maintaining their place as a centerpiece in my kitchen. I haven’t even needed to use the cleaning eraser that came with the cookware.

Ergonomics and Handling

The design of the stainless steel handles is worth noting. They offer a comfortable grip and balance, even when the pans are full. I mean, they are incredibly soft and smooth but not slippery at all. It’s really quite amazing.

And I love how perfectly wide the short handles are for resting my big wooden spoons or silicone spatulas.

saute pan handle has dual function as a spoon rest for this silicone spatula

Something worth noting – they do get really hot. When using the lids, I usually leave the potholder on the handle so I won’t forget to use it. I didn’t officially burn myself but I did learn the hard way that I shouldn’t touch them. Not pleasant.

There is a small lip on the underside of the long handles of the saute and frying pan that is supposed to indicate where the handle is safe to hold, but I’ve found that the heat reaches past that point.

hand holding the fry pan handle displaying where the handle lip is/ showing from birds eye view that the heat goes further down the handle than the lip

That lip is also really convenient for ergonomic handling, so it’s pretty inconvenient that my pointer finger can’t rest past that point without feeling the burn! I usually end up using the potholder for the long handles but then I can’t enjoy the ergonomic benefits of the handle design.

Maintenance: A Delicate Balance of Care and Convenience

In the world of cookware, maintenance is often a tedious chore. But with this Caraway set, it’s a different story.

The standout feature, as you might have guessed, is the cleanup.

It’s this aspect that transforms my everyday kitchen scenarios. In past scenarios, I’m dealing with a crying baby and eggs burnt onto a stubborn pan, leading to words I shouldn’t say in front of her, feeling guilty for it, and a chaotic start to the day.

Now that I use the Caraway pans, the scene is a peaceful breakfast, where even if things get a bit hectic, the cleanup is so effortless that the pans are washed, dried, and back in their spots in no time.

I’m no longer cleaning up while she eats. We eat together. You can’t put a price tag on that.

The ease of cleaning these pans not only saves time but also contributes to a more harmonious dining experience for all of us in my family.

Some Special Attention

I’ve always been meticulous about cookware care, and with Caraway, this hasn’t changed.

I take special care of these pieces, but it’s not a burden. In fact, the simplicity of cleaning these pans more than compensates for the extra attention they require.

This may be a little obsessive, but I never let them sit in the sink or come into contact with other hard surfaces. Maybe it sounds like a hassle, but it’s a small price to pay for the benefits they bring.

The nonstick surface is a dream, especially when dealing with typically stubborn foods like eggs or sauces. I can cook anything, and the cleanup is always swift.

I wash, rinse, and dry them without ever setting them down, and then they’re back in their place, either hanging from a hook or resting in their storage cubbies. One hand on the handle and one to wash and dry. Easy.

This routine has become second nature, and surprisingly, it doesn’t feel like extra work. It’s a small, mindful practice that ensures my cookware stays in prime condition.

This careful handling has a dual purpose: it preserves both the cookware’s functionality and its aesthetic appeal. And let’s be honest, when you have cookware as beautiful as this, you want to keep it looking its best.

The extra care I put into handling and storing these pieces feels like a natural, worthwhile part of my kitchen practices, but I’ll admit, it may be too much for some cooks.

Practicality: The “Goldilocks” Fit

Caraway 7-piece cookware set on stovetop

The set’s size is just right for my needs.

Any more, and my modest kitchen would feel cluttered; any fewer, and I’d be missing essential tools.

Perhaps the ONE exception to this would be the tea kettle. I find myself heating both water for tea and reheating coffee drinks in the sauce pan and it would be nice to have something just for heating water.

I have since learned Caraway offers such a set. It’s their “Stovetop Essentials” bundle. I definitely would have chosen this set instead. Now, I’ll just be buying their tea kettle separately.

I find myself using every piece regularly, with the saucepan, frying pan, and sauté pan being my go-to’s for a wide range of dishes.

The compact design means each piece has its place, either hanging conveniently or tucked away neatly in storage cubbies. I appreciate the holes in the long handles of the saute pan and frying pan so I can hang them from S hooks on the bar I mounted to my kitchen wall.

saute pan and fry pan and canvas lid holder on kitchen wall

The dutch oven and saucepan I keep in the cubbies on the counter above my stovetop.

For those with a little more room in their kitchen and looking for a more complete set, I love that Caraway offers a Cookware & Minis Set that comes with an additional smaller-sized 1.75 qt saucepan and a mini 8″ fry pan. They also sell the Mini Set separately.

Sustainability and Health: Conscious Cooking Choices

The non-toxic nature of Caraway cookware is a significant factor for me, especially as a mom and a chef who prioritizes healthy cooking.

This means I can cook with peace of mind, knowing that no harmful chemicals are leaching into the food I prepare for my family and customers.

I really appreciate that the nonstick coating allows for cooking with less oil, contributing to healthier meal preparation. Foods like omelets and potatoes that usually require extra oil for cooking don’t even need a drop!

I do usually add just a smidge, but that’s for flavor. Oil is not required to keep food from sticking.


The Caraway brand is committed to supporting consumers in living more sustainably.

Unlike traditional nonstick cookware, which often involves the use of toxic materials that can harm the environment during manufacturing, Caraway adopts a more eco-friendly approach.

Their cookware is crafted without these harmful substances, reducing environmental impact and ensuring a safer production process.

Using Caraway cookware supports my efforts to make environmentally conscious and health-focused choices in the kitchen, and I LOVE that.

It’s a win-win for both the planet and the well-being of those I cook for.

Bonus Tidbit

Caraway’s customer service is stellar.

I reached out to them after noticing that my set didn’t come with the cork trivets that were reflected in the little pamphlet that came in the box.

I had the pleasure of chatting with Rodrigo, who apologized for the confusion the pamphlets had caused and explained that they had recently discontinued the trivets that were previously included with the cookware sets and replaced them with the “Magic Eraser,” which was in fact, included in my set.

screenshot of conversation with caraway support

He informed me that the process to update the pamphlets was underway, and though they could not send me any trivets (since they were no longer in stock), they offered to send me some pot holders.

Not only were they super quick to respond via chat, but they were personable and incredibly generous!

Rodrigo even threw in a pair of their oven mitts! I was pretty blown away and very happy with this level of customer care! And I’m a huge fan of my new oven mitts.

I also want to note my appreciation for nothing extra in the box that contained the oven mitts. Other companies may feel compelled to included “pretty” tissue paper, but for the sustainability-minded, this minimalistic packing scored Caraway extra points.

caraway potholders and oven mitts in box that caraway sent me.

Last Bite: Is Caraway For You?

Caraway cookware is the ideal choice for those who prioritize style, health, and convenience in the kitchen. It’s especially suited for busy parents and culinary enthusiasts, offering non-toxic, non-stick ease, ergonomic handling, and a sophisticated design.

Ready to transform your kitchen experience with Caraway’s harmonious blend of efficiency and eco-friendly elegance? Discover the joy of cooking with cookware that’s as aesthetically pleasing as it is practical.

Make the switch to Caraway and notice the remarkable difference in every meal you prepare.

Begin your elevated culinary journey today.

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